!!NEWS !! Membership 2019

How to get member: 

To get a “Licence Sport Loisir”  you have to: 

  • Complete the document below « Demande de Licence Sport loisir »
  • Getting a swimming certificate. by passing a swimming-test in an official swimming-pool
  • Paying your membership fee by transferring 50€ for adults or 25€ for minors at this bank account: BCEELULL   IBAN: LU32 0019 3000 1609 4000 vum CND Diekirch Marco   Borrelbach; 5,rue du Pont L-9161 Ingeldorf.
  • A passport photo

To get a “Licence competition” you have to: 

  • Additionally to the points for a “Licence Sport Loisir”, you have to pass the Médico Sportif” test.

For minors the documents have to be signed by the legal guardian. You have an additional assurance to your private one, by having one of both licences.

The completed documents have to be sent to me.

Secretary address:  M.Siggi Zigrand

                                    12, am Gronn

                                    L-9659 Heiderscheidergrund

Club Email: info@cnd.lu

Club Internet-site: www.cnd.lu

For any questions: info@cnd.lu